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7 things I love about the Pike Place Market

December 17th, 2013

There are many places around the world that are spectacular to see and photograph. None more culturally worthy than Pike Place Market in Seattle. This iconic spot on earth wins hands down.

These are 7 things I like about my experience at the market.

1. Watching the workers at the Fish Company throw fish to each other. This is more than just an act, this is an event to be seen.

2. All the street musicians playing in and around the market. They are aptly called Market Buskers. So, next time you drop by the market you will know a new term.

3. The fresh smell and taste of a Pike Roast from Starbucks on Western. This Starbucks is the original from the birth of an iconic brand since 1971.

4. Fresh flowers everywhere in the market. However, my favorite to stop at is Pike Place Flowers on the corner of Pike and First Avenue.

5. Post alley and the Gum Wall are a must see when you are in Seattle and at the Public Market. It is located just below the market.

6. Lowell's restaurant is a fantastic spot to sit in the bar, enjoy a Manny's beer and look out the big windows at the awesome Seattle waterfront, and partake in the world's best Dungoness Crab cocktail.

7. All the talented artisans selling jams, honey, knick knacks, and photographs. I am always inspired to be among such talented people. Just the aura helps me raise my level of inspiration to go be better than I am today.